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Jul.2012Charge/Discharge System Controller PFX2512 overview

PFX2512 is a high performance Charge/Discharge system controller that takes measurements in combination with our DC power supply and electronic load in order to evaluate test sample (electric storage elements such as secondary batteries) characteristics.

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Oct.2011Intelligent Bi-Polar Power Supplies PBZ series overview

The PBZ series is a bipolar type DC regulated power source that can continuously change both + and – polarities passing through 0 without changing the output terminal. By adopting a “Switching + Linear” system, the PBZ is able to realize both drastic weight reduction as well as high speed and low noise operation.

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Oct.2011Sequence Creation Software Wavy series overview

WAVY is sequence creation software that supports the power supplies and electronic loads from KIKUSUI Electronics Corp. You can use WAVY to create and edit sequences easily with a mouse. During sequence execution, you can also display execution points for visualization to monitor voltage, current, and other parameters and save them as a file.

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