PCR-LE2 Series

Multi-output AC Power Supplies (CV/CF) : 2 Models


The PCR-LE2 Series are designed based on the PCR-LE Series that supports single-phase output, single-phase 3-wire output, and three-phase output within the rated capacity by selecting the switch from the front panel operation.
The PCR-LE2 series offer the same basic performance, using the common power unit of the PCR-LE Series, with providing easier installation and saving the space more efficiently compare to the individual allocation of the system for a single phase, single-phase 3-wire, and three phase systems. The lineup of PCR-LE2 Series are available in 2 models:6 kVA and 9 kVA model.


  • Wide-ranging specs DC output also supported
    • Output voltage rating (AC): 1 to 300V
    • Output frequency rating: 1 to 999.9Hz
    • Output voltage rating (DC): ± 1.4 to ± 424V
    In addition, the system supports a DC output mode and AC + DC output mode. The system can be useful in a wider range of fields such as chemistry- and physics-related areas.
  • Selectable response mode
    Allows select of a response mode for the internal amplifier system depending on the load condition and application.
    • Normal response (MEDIUM): for testing various power supply environments
    • Highly stable response (SLOW): for power supply for EMC testing sites
  • Power line abnormality simulation
    In AC mode, it is possible to simulate power line abnormalities by setting the output of the PCR-LE2 series system to the state of a power outage, voltage drop (dip), or voltage increase (pop). This allows the ability to test switching power supplies and electronic equipment.
  • Various measuring functions
    Output voltage/current RMS values, peak voltage/current, effective power/apparent power, and power factor can be measured. It is possible to analyze harmonics (up to 40th order) of the output current.
  • Sequence function
    The output voltage, frequency, and waveform can be changed along the way, thus, power supply environment testing can be automated. In addition to AC output, DC output and AC + DC output in sequence are also available. With the resolution setting by increments of 0.1 ms, the system provides functions to set the starting phase, sudden phase shift, as well as a jump and pause function.
  • Sensing, Regulation adjustment
    Even in cases in which load units are installed remotely, the voltage (RMS value) at the end of the load can be stabilized through correction of voltage drops. Hardware sensing and software sensing are provided as sensing function, allowing you to selectively use either one accordingly with the load condition and application.
  • Output current control
    The current limiting function enables you to control the output current (RMS) at a certain level for continuous operation by a selectable time setting (time/continuous) for a trip operation. Continuity tests for electric facilities (distribution panels, circuit breakers, devices for wiring, etc.) can be performed under stable conditions.
  • Eco-friendly function (Power-conservation function)
    • Sleep function
      The power unit goes into the sleep mode when no output is detected for a certain time to cut down on the power consumption.
    • Energy-saving operation function
      You can utilize the energy-saving function to operate only the necessary power unit(s) depending on the required supply load.
  • External communication
    RS232C (equipped as a standard). Remote control available with GPIB, USB, and LAN as options. Using LAN makes it possible to configure highly cost-effective systems, as LXI standard is supported.
  • Memory function
    It is possible to store up to 99 data sets of the output frequency, voltage (AC/DC), and a cyclic waveform under the waveform bank number on the memory of the main unit.
    In addition, you can use USB memory devices to store the data contained on the main unit memory, panel settings, power line abnormality simulations, and sequence data.
  • Standard supported
    Usable for systems to test conformance to the IEC61000-3 and 4 Series standards. Optional applications software also offered. Please refer to the end of the brochure for details.
  • Front panel serving as a remote control
    The front panel is detachable. With the optional extension cable (EC05-PCR), the panel functions as a remote control.
  • For "system interconnection tests" with reverse load flow
    Conforming to the guideline for requirements of system interconnection technologies
    *All the simulated reverse load flow power is consumed internally, thus, there will be no reverse load flow to the system.
  • Excellent maintenance ability due to the unit configuration
    The PCR-LE2 series are a unit type configuration.The power unit can be serviced (replaced) by the unit of 1 kVA.
  • Other functions
    • Setting output impedance
    • Measuring harmonics current
    • Soft start (Rise time control)
    • Internally fixed Vcc


Model Specification
PCR6000LE2 Manual... Single phase 6kVA / single-phase 3-wire 4kVA / three-phase 6kVA, AC1 to 300V, 1 to 999.9Hz, DC+/-1.4 to +/-424V, Liner-amp type, accommodate to power supply environment testing
PCR9000LE2 Manual... Single phase 9kVA / single-phase 3-wire 6kVA / three-phase 9kVA, AC1 to 300V, 1 to 999.9Hz, DC+/-1.4 to +/-424V, Liner-amp type, accommodate to power supply environment testing

Options (Related products)

GPIB interface
GPIB interface for PCR-LE series

USB interface
USB interface for PCR-LE series

LAN interface
LAN interface for PCR-LE series

External signal input board
External signal input board for PCR-LE (Amplifying the input waveform)

External signal input board
External signal input board for PCR-LE (Varying the voltage of the output AC waveform using DC signals)

Power Line Disturbance Immunity Testing Software
SD009-PCR-LE (Quick Immunity Sequencer 2) is an application software to perform immunity test with our AC power supply, PCR-LE series for Immunity testing standard (IEC61000-4 Series) of EMC standard which complies to Power Line Disturbance Immunity testing, a suite of international specifications concerning power line disturbances.
*Note: To use this software, the firmware version of the PCR-LE must be 2.0 or later.

Avionics Test Software
Avionics Test Software [SD012-PCR-LE] is a software application that support to the aircraft test standards, and is used to control the PCR-LE/LE2 Series that enables you to conduct the test standards for the MIL-STD-704, RTCA/D0-160 and JIS W0812 standards. Test patterns are library-based, which enables tests to be easily run by simply selecting the wiring configuration and the type of test.
*Note: To use this software, the firmware version of the PCR-LE/LE2 must be 4.2 or later.